First image of 2010

M42/43 from 2008-12-30 and 2010-1-11 data sets

M42/43 and NGC 1977

I took this image of M42/M42/NGC1977 on January 12th after re-remembering how to accurately align a mount that isn’t permanently installed.  I took about an hour and a half of subs with several having to be rejected for one reason or another.  I still am having a problem with my serial shutter cable which I may repair and I may just replace with a commercial offering.  I’m still undecided.  Regardless this image represents just under an hour of exposure, 115-ish exposures of 30 seconds each.  It was stacked with DeepSkyStacker and edited with The Gimp.  I probably should pull this into PixInsight and preserve as much data as I can but I’ll reprocess the data at a later date.  I was pleased as punch just to be out under the stars and collecting ancient photons again.

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