The time has come, FINALLY

After seemingly unending weeks of temperatures over 100F during the day and 85F at night with at least 60% humidity we get some relief.  It came in the form of Tropical Storm Lee which pummeled the East Coast with rain for days on end once again flooding large portions of Tennessee but the break in temperatures is very welcome here in North Texas.  The moon is about 75% full so deep sky photography will be challenging but I took some pictures of the moon, just in case.  At least the night won’t be a total loss now even if everything goes completely pair shaped.  Currently the temperatures are in the middle 70’s and the humidity is in the upper teens to lower 20’s with calm winds.  Only barely enough gust to keep the air from being completely still.  Currently the SN6 is trained on M27 and snapping away happily after a small amount of minor drama.  I took my time getting set up but I bumped the tripod lightly with my foot while aligning the mount.  Hopefully no ill will come of that.  We shall see in the morning.