A Rosette by any other name . . .

Caldwell 49 is one of the objects in my catalog of images that I’ve wanted to capture for a good long while.  It is absolutely massive and generally lends itself well to grab and go wide field imaging.  Polar alignment is less critical than at high f/ratio and field rotation is thus less obvious.  I still strive for zero rotation and translation and in this case I got that.  I only got to capture 35 minutes of data before it disappeared behind a tree so there is still much to be desired.  Another attempt at this will be made next year.

Caldwell 49 2016-03-13

Caldwell 49

7 x 5 minutes

Celestron Advanced VX mount

AstroTech AT65EDQ APO quadruplet

Orion StarShoot Pro v2 CCD


Site: Albany, Texas – Fort Griffin State Historic Site – 2016/03/13

(C) 2016 Tim Schuh

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