My home on the web for amateur astronomy.  Like most people in the hobby, I have a life that requires I live near the city simply for the convenience of being able to get to work, get the kids to school, etc. etc.  This site is intended as inspiration for those first interested in and reference for those first starting out in semi-serious astronomy.  Most of what I do is astrophotography so my information and equipment reflects that.  There is a metric ton of things you can observe with very, very modest equipment.  In urban areas a computerized GoTo mount is highly recommended but it doesn’t have to be a sky tracking, photo taking, hugely expensive equatorial mount.  An Altitude-Azimuth (AltAz) mount with a computer will provide many hours of enjoyment for significantly less money and frustration.  I chose my mount because I got into the hobby fully intending to take photos of deep sky object so I saved a little longer and got an equatorial mount.  Even then I will always put an eyepiece in the telescope and collect ancient photons with Ye Olde Mk. 1 Eyeball.  It is a habit I highly, highly recommend.

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