Some Flaming Tadpoles

Two nebular regions know as the Tadpole nebula on the left and the Flaming Star nebula on the right. These two heavily hydrogen rich regions are excited by the stars near them and radiate light at a wavelength of 656.28 nm which puts it firmly in the red part of the spectrum. Portions of the Tadpole Nebula (named after the tiny tadpole looking structures in the upper left part of the main body of that nebula) radiates light at 500.7 nm in the blue part of the visible spectrum from the excitation of oxygen. The Flaming Star nebula on the right doesn’t contain significant amounts of oxygen so this region is strongly red but what it lacks in color variety it makes up with complex textures. This region is about 3 degrees wide and 2 degrees tall so this field of view. For comparison the full moon is about half a degree wide.

IC410 2021-01-04 Allen, Texas, US AstroTech AT65EDQ QHY168C Optolong L-eXtreme